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It struck me that some parts of this article might be a little technical for most people to dive straight into. If so, you might have better luck staring at the beginning of the issue and chosing your own route through the material:

Electronic Magazine on Neuroscience

(With some really well done animations of neurons and dopamine uptake in this issue.)

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Date: Friday, February 05, 1999 12:51 AM Subject: virus: Earthly Attachments

>You asked about addiction and the brains reward system. There is a
>fascinating article in the newest issue of "Brain & Mind" on just this
>subject. (Complete with videos of rats giving themselves electric shocks
>order to receive artificial stimulation of their limbic system!) I highly
>recommend it to everyone with an interested in the way their brain works:
>by Jorge Martins de Oliveira, MD, PhD
>Surprisingly, (to me, at least) they link the syndrome and the gene
>responsible for it to compulsive gambling as well:
>"Those who research on this subject point out that the risks and
>expectations associated with this vicious condition, give rise, in the
>obsessive gambler, to a stage of euphoria comparable to that produced by
>inhalation of cocaine (Ref.6)."
>-Prof. Tim