RE: virus: The golden shower of salesmanship

Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 23:56:07 -0500

>it's so common there's a name for it: "cutting
>off your nose to spite your face."

I more see it as throwing good money after bad. I like my nose, and will not injure it. But like I said, I have never done this- never offered my support for things being sold at me- if I find them, that's another question entirely, or if they are offered, or if I seek them for some reason. To this point, I have not.

But I've also never taken money, or received it, for the abstract. And it ain't personal with you, Richard, although in all truth, you have never offered me anything, but insist I pay for it first. Now, what sort of irrationality is that? Where is your product that I may taste it first? Why do I see a dollar sign in front of your name?

"Death is our only lifelong companion."

Wade T. Smith