RE: virus: Blah blah blah

Ben Mack (
04 Feb 99 17:53:48 -0800

To Roh's point, the station has a vested interest in perpetuating anything Oprah. The popularity of Oprah's show is stoked by her ancillary successes. If she has a flop, her show will suffer.

X-files viewership was waned since the movie release last year. Some media experts have speculated this is tied to the movie not being as popular as expected.

If the next Star Wars movie does really well, it can be expected that tape sales of the first trilogy will go up.

>Bill Roh wrote:
><< I have no problem with a guest talking about their show
>- that is not the issue. This show was dedicated 100% to advertising her
>movie and telling the viewers to go see the movie - never moving away
>from the subject. The show had one purpose only - to sell tickets to her
>movie. The station had no vested interest in the movie. This is a
>conflict of interests and should have had a disclaimer attached.>>
Richard Brodie wrote:
>The purpose of all commercial television is to sell stuff. If they could
>show nothing but commercials and have people watch them, they would.
>Conflict of interest? Who would be more interested in seeing Oprah's
>than Oprah's audience?