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Thu, 4 Feb 1999 14:14:03 -0600

reads stupid or sounds because that is the problem. I keep the sound of on my monitor. I do not really care for the sound effects. Back to the subject If said the right way it could be very charming, enchanting, derogatory, or condescending. How did you take?
And it was not nostalgia that I felt just a interest in how the term was meant to be used. And to be part of a time period is not the prerequisite to having a affection for the spoken word.

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>Jim wrote:
>>OK is this serious. I cannot tell without hearing the voice inflections. I
>>have friends that I talk to in this pompous manner but they know as well
>>strangers (who might be near by)know it is only in fun. But I do love the
>>cookie thing. It has that 1940's 50's feel to it.
>I'm glad it makes you feel so nostalgic. However, I was not around in the
>40's, so to me it just sounds stupid.