Re: virus: Why does everybody love Oprah?

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 09:02:48 -0800

Z-cookie-uska wrote:

>I believe "you cannot dispute taste". So why *are* we disputing taste,
>again? After all, that is what the argument has always been about to me;

For others, I suspect, this may not have been the case. Some may have been taking objection to the structure of the argument itself, more than its content.

And, yes, I will freely admit that my comparision was highly overblown hyperbole. You see, it's hard for me to get past tossing a memetic grenade every now and again just to get peoples attention. Old habits die hard.

>my assertion that I do not like Oprah's show, and I do not like her (there
>is a difference between not liking someone, and hating them), but that's
>OK. Or, is my opinion of not liking her somehow less equal than yours
>which endorses her?

I don't endorse Mistress O. in any way. I never said that either. At any time. But it's easy to fall into these traps when thinking in us-them terms. I do it all the time.

>Doesn't add up. For a group that prides itself on
>being open-minded, take a look at how accepting you are.


-Prof. Tim