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Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 22:17:30 -0800

Thank you, KMO. You wrote the same same thing I was going to answer Richard with, only better than I could have put it.

-Prof. Tim
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>Richard Brodie wrote:
>> No, it is not possible to speak in a way that is received by everyone in
>> way that you would like.
>But it is possible to train yourself to notice when people are raising
>their bullshit deflectors. Once you realize what you're doing and what
>effect it's having on your audience, you can switch modes of
>presentation. The new mode isn't guaranteed to work any better, but you
>know the first one wasn't working, so you've got nothing to lose. Also,
>when you fall into that cloying mode that trips the auto-filters, you've
>probably put yourself into a trance, and you may need to reset your own
>mental state as well as that of your audience. Clap your hands, say
>something crude, shocking or non-sensical, anything to interupt the
>undesirable state into which you and your audience are slipping.