Re: virus: In That Special Way, a polemic

Wed, 03 Feb 1999 08:36:22 -0800

Richard Brodie wrote:
> No, it is not possible to speak in a way that is received by everyone in the
> way that you would like.

But it is possible to train yourself to notice when people are raising their bullshit deflectors. Once you realize what you're doing and what effect it's having on your audience, you can switch modes of presentation. The new mode isn't guaranteed to work any better, but you know the first one wasn't working, so you've got nothing to lose. Also, when you fall into that cloying mode that trips the auto-filters, you've probably put yourself into a trance, and you may need to reset your own mental state as well as that of your audience. Clap your hands, say something crude, shocking or non-sensical, anything to interupt the undesirable state into which you and your audience are slipping.