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Of course I would go, I would much rather find her interesting and enlightened. I see you only clipped my crudest remark - what about the other remarks I made? I did not just decide not to like her for no reason. I dislike her because she promotes a non-just system that is based on poorly conceived notions regarding the rights of people in this country.

I would love to talk to her and be wrong, I would apologize and correct my thinking if shown to be wrong.

Bill Roh

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		Bill Roh:

>Basically, I think she's a slimy, elitist
megacommercialporkywhore - I dont
>like her.
>For Richard though - I feel entirely different. This
was an excellent
>opportunity to spread memes that Richard likes. It was
a chance to make money,
>spread ideas, possibly even fix preconceptions about
the nature of thought.
>Most of us will never have an audience like he had, or
that kind of outlet for
>our ideas. I didnt see the show, but I was very happy
for Richard, his
>book sales,
>and our Church. Good work Richard.
I wonder if you might feel differently if you had the chance to talk with Oprah over dinner a couple of times? Or are you so disgusted that you wouldn't even go? Reed --------------------------------------------------------------------- Reed Konsler