Re: virus: Time to infect and inoculate

Zloduska (
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 02:24:13 -0600

maggs wrote:
> I was inspired from the holy war that i
>spent most of Saturday weeding through. Glad you liked it but I am not
>the original author. Guess who.

>> > Brain storming, habit forming, battle warning, winsome, weary man
>> >who's spewing spinless, chilling lines. The critics falling over to tell
>> >themselves he's boring and really not an awful lot of fun. Well, who the
>> >hell can he be when he's never had VD and he doesn't even sit on toilet
>> >seats? Court jesting, never resting, he must be very cunning to assume an
>> >air of dignity and bless us all with his oratory prowess, his lame brained
>> >antics and his jumping in the air. And Every night his act's the same, so
>> >it all must be a game of chess he's playing.
>> >
>> > But you're wrong. You see, its only solitaire.

I have not a clue. I'm guessing it's not Robyn HItchcock though.

Thanks for quoting me!