Re: virus: Expressway to their skulls

Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 10:04:24 -0800

Eric wrote:

>You wrote:
>>"To condone the idea that there is no God or afterlife -- to do
>>anything less than wholeheartedly oppose every last instance of
>>secular humanism -- is to concede that our lives have no meaning
>>beyond day-to-day existence, that there is no morality other than that
>>we make up as we go along.

>Well, no. I disagree with several of the premises of your argument,
>for instance the A ==> B part. I personally don't think that the
>non-existence of god implies either a lack of meaning or a lack of
>morality.[1] Therefore your argument isn't sound.

That's funny, because I think it _does_ imply that there is no objective meaning to our lives, `sept what we give to them. No morality, but that which we create for ourselves.

And I'm cool with that.

-Prof. Tim