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B. Lane Robertson (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 17:42:05 PST

Faith is about "grace" (defined the give and take, or allowance, within an otherwise necessary acting out of the object characteristics of that which exists). Grace, in more human terms, includes faith (which is SELF accountability, more later), hope (expectation of accountability in others based on awareness of self), and charity
(agreement and compromise between self and other
with an eye toward "trust" [more on trust later

Assume that there is a core self according to which changes are measured; that is, assume that there is an object-standard that can be referred to as a "self" and that there are objective characteristics contained within this standard which determine how this self behaves in relation to other objects (assume that self *exists* and has *being* [or action]).

Thus, what is objectively "true" for this self might be measured according to this standard, or base, formulation of self (a given). Then, *faith* is a characteristic of this <self> (meme) which (faith) is "encoded" into its (self's) abstract form: Or else, <faith> is a *virus* which contains the coding for a potential self
(and might be called a virus rather than a meme
since <self> would be the memetic pattern, or standard, and this pattern-- it is suggested-- is potentially invaded by the mutated *faith virus* such that >faith< might become superior to self and thereby disrupt the logic of the existence or being of this self for the replication of faith as a [subjective] standard, even to the point of self-negation).

Faith thus allows grace (for example) if the object standard for existence is likewise subjectively mutated to a viral form (illustrated by the vanities-- pride, power, and glory); that is, faith provides allowances from ego-driven variations from reality due to human control and repression; or (another example-- faith shows grace...) in situations of complexity which confuse the standard for self-- though such complexity is necessary for the mutation of the meme to the replicating form, or virus.

Trust, on the other hand, is the interaction of grace and vanity. It is an example of infinite complexity and chaos-ification... a sense of void, or non-being (like "phenomenology", in which "spirit" [or group tendency] becomes active-- when self is negated-- such that self is simultaneously affirmed in such negation but projected upon an "other", or object(s) of desire). So, *trust* is an example of inter-subjectivity... it is the
(ego) illusion of self-existence as confirmed
completely through "external" sources (as if such sources were not accessible to self,

Faith is like saying "I know I can do it because that is who I am and that is what I do": Trust is like saying "I imagine I can do it because you can't stop me and because I haven't yet proven that I cannot".

B. Lane Robertson

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