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But this is a key insight from memetics. False ideas DO WIN and HAVE WON against true ones. That is why anyone who understands the forces of memetics will begin to evangelize for the memes you want to see spread, rather than taking a "live and let live" cop-out attitude and saying, "oh, well... the truth will out." It never has, or when you opened your Sunday paper you'd see a column on nuclear physics rather than one on astrology.

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Censorship is futile, anyway you look at it.

I just want to pass on a little meme I stole from the TCS list:

"But there's something even more important than that. To condone the censorship of *any* opinions -- to do anything less than wholeheartedly oppose every last instance of it and every last excuse for it -- is to concede that on a level playing field, false ideas will win against true ones. Wrong will win against right. And as soon as we concede that, TCS may as well give up, or merge with the Treating Children like Shit List. This is a core value we can't compromise on."