Re: virus: Expressway to their skulls

the great tinkerer (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 23:17:53 PST

>I say, [Elizabethan tone] "Let them have porn!"

porn doesnt taste quite as good as cake... well... if it were scratch n sniff...

>See, it could be how I was raised. My parents never put any
>on what I viewed, read, or tried to "protect" me from pornography or

and now look what's happenned to you, hehehe... (you openned yourself up to it ;-)

>As a child I got my fill of occasional horror films, R-rated
>films, adult books, and porn included. Therefore, the allure simply is

wow... i have the internet as my non stop source for porn, snuff (, stealing software and credit card fraud (this is not a confession)...

>And if a kid goes
>home after school and has unlimited Internet access and chooses to
>for porn, so be it- if porn wasn't their diversion, then they would be
>playing mindless video games instead, or god forbid, watching Oprah.
>*cheap shot*

or worse........ springer....

it brings up this: if we could capture the energy of a teenage boy looking for nude women we'd solve the worlds fuel problem. - quote from dood who addressed HOR
anyway i got a A- so the argument i made was good ;-)

~the great tinkerer

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