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You have some evidence that "Jesus" existed?


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if jesus were alive today he would probably be against the way people have contorted his teachings... he was a jew who was arguing that the jews had become too sinful. jesus would be pretty upset to see of course all these laws of judaism (and early christianity 100 ce) were changed in christianity (around 150-200 ce if i remember correctly, by paul) so that people would convert from their old religions and not change anything of their lifestyles and only change people who worship in his name not keeping kosher! most christians dont keep the sabbath... and circumcision aint mandatory either... their beliefs... jesus owes the success of christianity to the changing of the rules: not as many people would have converted if they had to get a circumcision and keep kosher etc...
i give credit to jesus... he was a radical, just like most of us ;-)

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