Re: virus: Fwd: Computer Addiction Is Coming On-line

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:07:19 -0500


Tim Rhodes <>
Stay away from drugs and alcohol , Eric. You don't have a good enough understanding of the nature of addiction to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

I'm willing to admit I don't understand it. I fail to see how any substance could *make* you act against your own preferences.[1] Is it that biological "over-rides" short-circuit your conscious voilition? If that is so, how do people *ever* recover? (that is, if ones conscious voilition is truly overriden, how is it possible to recover?)

I have gone drinking many times. I have failed to see what makes people drink alcohol. It certainly ain't the taste! Other than making me sick and woosy, it seems to have no effect -- which is to say, I'm not any "different" (others seem to change).


[1] On this same topic, I found an interesting description of AUTHORITARIANISM -- the tiny, unnatural wire that reaches out to connect one person's brain with another person's muscles.