Re: virus: Camus U?

Thu, 28 Jan 1999 13:22:59 -0800

The structure of my anecdote was an allusion to a bon mot by Woody Allen, but the content is accurate. That IS the context in which I first encountered "The Stranger," but to call it a tragedy is to cheapen the meaning of that word, IMHO. My public education was certainly inadequate in a number of areas, particulary in history, science, and math, but I WAS exposed to a number of really great books. The fact that "The Stranger" was not amoung them ranks rather low on my list of complaints.

No disrespect to you, Nate. BTW, I have since read both "The Plague" and "The Fall."


Gifford, Nathan F wrote:
> > The first and only time I read Camus's "The Stranger" was at age 22 when
> > I took the Evilyn Woods speed reading course. We read the book in 15
> > minutes. I think it was about a murder that takes place on a beach and
> > the trial follows.
> >
> > -KMO
> >
> Is this story a joke or a tragedy?