Re: virus: Time to infect and inoculate

the great tinkerer (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 19:31:28 PST

<<Ok, here is another "when I was a kid story" so skip it if you arenetinterested.>> makes you sound so old to say that... i remember when they warned my mom of the bad influences... i remember when i became the bad influence... and i dont use drugs... often... put in perspective: "why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?"

put in another perspective: people are way too washed up with abstractions to notice the point... which kids do drugs and why? making the drugs a pain in the ass to get isnt gonna help a kid who gets high to escape the pressures of teenage life. maybe i overestimate kids... i was told once to realize that most people in this world are ignorant/stupid...
~the great tinkerer

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