Re: virus: Camus U?

Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 21:08:56 -0500

On 01/27/99 17:54 the inimitable Tim Rhodes made this comment

>their first exposure to Albert
>Camus _The Stranger_ occurred in middle school--eighth grade or so

"L'etranger" was read in the advanced French class, and not in any other, in my high school in the early '60's, which would have meant 10th-12th grade, not junior high. In translation, it was seen among the 'intelligentsia', but, however you want to take it, I have not read it, then or at any other time.

I may have to- I am presently reading a collection of John Fowles' essays (Wormholes) and he mentions Camus as pivotal in his own philosophy, which is one I am in great comfort with, artistically and tempermentally.

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