Re: virus: Time to infect and inoculate

sodom (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 11:23:38 -0500

Ok, here is another "when I was a kid story" so skip it if you arenet interested.

As an adult - I am a nerd - a good looking, arrogant nerd - but still a nerd. As a kid I was much more the nerd - still good looking, really big and arrogant. Here is the cool thing about being a nerd - you dont care what the other kids have - do - or want!!!!! No peer pressure means a slower infusion of brain washing. Now - after all these years - I could use a good brain washing.

Bill Roh

Jim wrote:

> Well my friends I have good news.
> Coca - Cola will be sponsoring the drug awareness program I designed. Now
> the real fun will begin. Can our children be reprogrammed to not be played,
> by the media and advertisers.
> Also we just worked a deal with P.B.S. to do a weekly show it will run
> regionally at first. And after it is running smoothly it will be considered
> for national airing.
> Ya'll have a good day
> sincerely
> Master Magician & Paranormalist
> Jim Callahan