virus: why some people have faith

twelve (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 07:37:51 -0800 (PST)

I'd like to comment on this with something that happened to me yesterday:
It was snowy and wet and cold outside. I walked out of my school's cafeteria to see this preacher guy talking to a cop. I guessed that the cop was telling him to quiet down because the preacher was shouting at him. The cop walked away and the preacher kept thumping his bible and shouting at us students. "SSSSINNERSSS, and FFFFFFFORNICATERS!!!! You are doomed to hellFFFFFIREEEE!!! I learned that I was going to hell with that drunkard Princess Diana and that foul-mouthed Tupac Shakur, along with that evil Pope and slutty Monica Lewinsky! Watching him dance like he was possesed by deamons was worth the cold; he was impersonating Princess Di burning in a lake of hellfirrrrrre. The only people watching him were doing so for sheer camp value. The only people who took him seriously thought they could change his mind by reasoning with him. It was more entertaining than a talkshow. I watched him for a good hour and every woman who passed by he called a fornicator if she wasn't saved.

The point I was thinking of is, this brand of evangelicalism must appeal to somebody, and you have to wonder what kind of mindset a person has to seriously consider what this guy is saying.

>>Religion (at least as it is traditionally understood), is doomed for
extinction. You yourself acknowleged some of that reality:

>>I find that few people really understand why a lot of christians hold
faith when there seems to be so much evidence destructive to the biblical

The evidence is definitely not shrinking. All of the "evidence" in favor of
it has been testimonial, erroneous, or outright fraudulent. After this millenial fever subsides, there will be fewer pieces than ever to gather up.
The biblical world-view is not a view of anything except the history of the
biblical world-view. If I had some unusual experience, however I made sense
of it, it definitely would not be in terms of any biblical world-view. Might
as well consider the world view of greek mythology if I was going to do something like that.