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Tue, 26 Jan 1999 09:08:34 -0500

KingsXfan wrote:

> sodom wrote:
> > I found it interesting that you have chosen to state these things here, and that
> > perhaps you are too new to this board to relize that we have many times gone over
> > what you are discussing.
> The reason for thus doing so--
> lotza posts telling me why I chose Christ, and can't relate to any of them as
> being my reason or the reason of others that I know.
> There has been a benefit, though. I am new, so have missed a lot that may have been
> helpful. Your post had some rather interesting things to ponder. I'm glad I posted.
> SG
> PS. Which other religions (supposedly) meet their Savior?
> >
> >

I suppose that the word "Savior" is the relevant word, not God, correct? In this case it is really more a sense of how Jesus is defined by Christians, if you remove the "God" lineage from Jesus, then I doubt he would be followed so devoutly - at the very least the basis of Christianity would not exist like it is today. From an Athiests point of view, Enki and Marduk (the God that saved mankind from the great flood, gave mankind knowledge, saved minkind from the other Gods), Moses, Mohamad, Prometheus. Im sure that if i start going through them all I will see that nearly all religions believe a human or a god have saved them at some point. From your perspective, Jesus died for your sins.
>From my perspective, it is more likely that such a character never existed, since we
cant even find an objective accounting of such a person. Certainly the word that has been passed on is taken from a slew of different religions. The picture of Madonna and child is a direct copy of a 1500bc Egyptian carving (Isis and Ra I think).

Still interested in why you feel drawn to Christ.


Bill Roh