virus: A meme-tech holiday present.
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 18:04:30 EST

One 98-12-23 Carmen wrote:

>"Johnson's First Law, which is that one thing leads to another, and which
>is seldom if ever found to be undependable, is probably never more
>abundantly verified than in this unending chain of
>stimulus-response-stimulus-response which makes our lives more and more
>complex and complicating, mystifying and meaningful...We are
>self-stimulating and self-designing creatures." (YMEL-84)

Thanks Carmen. I Like! :)

My formulation:

Our sensory experiences comprise the shaping of our nervous system's "experiential-reaction neurocircuitry configuration" (ERNC). Our nervous systems have also
evolved the capacity to 'replay' and 'simulate' (or 'synthesize') our sensory experiences via our 'imagination' faculty. Such 'imaginings', being themselves ('conscious') 'experiences', constitute the further self-shaping of our ERNC. We use
our most powerful ERN self-configuration tool, i.e. our language, to set up and
configure our experiential-reaction 'logic' sequences. (Depending on the 'integrity'; 'self-consistency'; 'environmental correlation'; etc. of our ERNC logic, as constructed by our usage of our language, our experiential-reactions may or may not
lead to enhanced survival potential.)

Our 'society' is comprised of our exp.-reactions to each other, which contributes to the further shaping of our personal ERNCs, constituting it as a 'self-organizing, cybernetic system', or 'super-organism', if you prefer.

Chris Turner 1-24-98