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Mon, 18 Jan 1999 11:55:46 -0600 (CST)

Just because you say " no offense, your honor" doesn't mean that's what you meant; however,

                         Sex is pleasurable. There is proof. People who
have sex don't have sex because it hurts. :. It is meant to be pleasurable.
                   If there is a place for you to meet, that place is
where you frequently want to meet and you don't want to abuse that place nor lose your place.
                       Confucius says:" Those whose measures are dictated
by mere expediency will arouse continual discontent."


"A Husband is a Convenient Part of the Furniture of the House" Mary Wollstonecraft

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On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, the great tinkerer wrote:

> >Strange.My fortune cookies always seem to say "This insert has a
> >protective
> >coating"
> well... you know how youre supposed to put "in bed" at the end of
> every fortune cookie to discover their true meaning... "this insert has
> a protective coating in bed" ... "you love chinese food in bed" ... "if
> you wait pleasures will find you... in bed" "you will make a great
> discovery in bed" ... maybe there are some that dont need "in bed" put
> after em:
> "confuscious say: is good meet woman in park, but is better park meet in
> woman" (if i offended anyone i didnt intend to, but the joke might have
> intended to...)
> peace
> ~the great tinkerer
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