virus: Meme Update Alert: Richard Brodie on Oprah! Thursday 1/21/99

Richard Brodie (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 23:57:30 -0800

Hello and happy new year to all the long-time subscribers to Meme Update, and a hearty welcome to all our new subscribers. This is just a brief note to let you know that I will be making a brief appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show this Thursday, January 21. The topic of the show is "Multiple Marriages" and I talk about how bad ideas about marriage can be "caught" from parents, peers, and television. Oprah has a very large audience and does a great job inspiring and informing them with a variety of tools for self-improvement. Please watch the show and tell anyone else who is interested in meme theory about it. Check your local listings for times.

Updated Internet Mind Virus Antidote

Thanks for all the feedback on the Internet Mind Virus Antidote, which you can send to people in response to SPAM, bad jokes, chain letters, and phony virus scares such as "Good Times." Thanks to your suggestions and especially thanks to the creativity of Sonia Lyris, I have posted a completely updated and improved Internet Mind Virus Antidote. The new version contains more information as well as links to various informative web pages. I am confident that it will be even more infectious than the old version. Please take a moment right now to bookmark it and pass pointers on to anyone who might be interested.

New Dawkins Book

Richard Dawkins, inventor of the meme, has just published what some people are calling the book he was meant to write: Unweaving The Rainbow. In it, he departs from evolutionary biology to launch an impassioned argument for the humanity and value of science. On sale today from at 30% off.

All the best memes,

Richard Brodie

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