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The program I have constructed is in no way associated with Dare, Madd, Sadd, or any of the others. I believe that what you stated was true. I will push no propaganda. Instead the program is designed to force the attendees to look at their peers and community and learn from their examples. I wish to teach them to look at things through my eyes if only briefly. Ex. I know that if I need some one to take part in a mental experiment I would prefer a smoker. Why? Because they tend to be more insecure and are more easily led. If you need a easy mark in the non smoker field you look for big name brand cloths. I love the Tommy Hilfinger stuff. Its easy to see even from stage. Hope every one gets the general idea.

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>Bill wrote:
>>Tim, I havnt written much to u lately frankly cause I agree with u. BUT -
>>so funny about this. It looks like Jim is gonna try real hard to be
>I just meant the irony of a D.A.R.E. program teaching the dangers of
>programming rather than being a practical example of said programming.
>But then, the, D.A.R.E. programs have recently been shown to actually
>in higher drug use in the school districts that employ them over schools
>that don't, in `clinical' trials. And it's thought this may be the result
>of the backlash that happens when the kids realize that not all the
>propaganda they were taught is really true and, "Well, if some of what that
>cop told me about this stuff was a lie, then maybe I need to find out for
>-Prof. Tim