Re: virus: E.F. Schumacher--more memes, please

Sat, 09 Jan 1999 15:52:10 -0500

Tim Rhodes wrote:
> N CASHE wrote:
> >Also, I don't think Manson is a genius. I think he has good instincts.
> I guess I consider the two synonymous in an artist. (Just this artist's
> viewpoint here, however.)

I think you really have a handle on things. Am I allowed to ask about your art? I don't know if these two are synonymous. I think a person with good instincts can perceive, but a genius can translate/create. Your thoughts?
> I'm glad to see that music has taken the evolutionary step that the visual
> arts made 30-40 years ago; Understanding that manipulating the relationships
> between viewer, artwork, and culture is a valid medium for the artist to
> work in and can add an additional level of complexity and to his artwork.
> Scientists may have ethical questions about experimenting (memeticly) on
> human subjects, but for an artist it's part of the job description!

I agree all the way up to job description. I think some art can be powerful without this controversial aspect. And for all the "strides" music might have made in this interaction triangle thing, don't you have a problem at all with the commercial jingle machine that is the record industry? God, I feel like Linus...

Also, nobody commented on Schumacher. Would you, could you, in the rain? On a train, in a tree...?

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no durable way of life for those who cannot translate their psychic
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