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the great tinkerer (
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 14:24:46 PST

>NC wrote:
>>---I do think this could all apply somehow to the
>>function of popular music (is there such a thing?). Does this sound as
>>crazy or uninformed as I fear it might?
>Not at all. Would you agree with me that music evoles memeticly? (And
>looking not just at whole songs as memes, but also seeing the elements,
>phrases, lyrics, themes and the playing techniques of which songs are
>constructed, as individual memes for this purpose.)
>It is my assertion that hip-hop/techno/electronica/acid jazz/house
>musical forms which have become self-consciously aware of their own
>nature and embraced this fact as a crucial part of their genre. Your

ahh music.... a topic i can relate to (cd coming in less than 1 month)

of course music evovles! i steal things from songs and put them into other songs and im concious of it (although i wont start with conciousness....) there are elements of songs that can become cliche: similar cadences, modulations, progressions even melodies pop music critics should agree!

d/l the inspire dnb remix: - and listen to the ending... it should be a familiar cadence.... even to an untrained ear...

and then there are things about songs that evolve and interbreed. there is an obvious progression from jazz to rock n roll. there is an obvious progression from rag time and gospel to jazz. there is an obvious classical feeling in rag time.... i could go on and on... and link to other styles of music, but why?

~the great tinkerer

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