Re: virus: someone summarrize the "Kurzweil cuts the mustard"

Zloduska (
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 21:19:56 -0600

the great tinkerer wrote:
>can someone please summarrize the entire thread that has been goin on
>for the past week or so... i havent followed it and its piled up in my
>email so i deleted the entire thread...

Well, it had NOTHING to do with mustard, that's for sure! And I kudo-ized you in my last post as well; too bad you missed it.

Anyway, it was basically Robin & Co. (not to single you out, Robin, but apparently I just did) arguing over whether or not machines can achieve consciousness, and whether they could do this themselves or by us designing/programing it. A good discussion, but then it got really divergent and self-indulgent by questioning if consciousness even exists (and it's definition), also including David M. and Joe D. arguing about who was the most faithless, and then the thread evolved into a bunch of sauerkraut (no pork, I'm a vegetarian) that was wholly fruitless and at that point I stopped paying attention.

And sorry for the consistent inconsistence of my name on my part, folks. I'm having a post-adolescent identity crisis! "Confusion will be my epitaph."