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Joe Dees wrote:
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>> [RB]
>> > That is, of course, the point. It all requires faith, and to the
>> faithful,
>> > his faith always seems justified while others' seem ridiculous.
>> >
>> [JD]
>> > You have faith in this, of course.
>> Faith is a Level-2 vice. Level 3 transcends both faith and skepticism.
>Yeah. Right. Sure. Even faith in or knowledge of systems of
>hierarchical categorization.
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Does anyone else think this is like watching a schizophrenic Brett Lane Robertson argue with himself?

Bollocks to Faith and Knowledge, I say. We're arguing ourselves into hexagram-shaped philosophical pretzels here, but there's nothing tasty or fulfilling about it. And to heck with sig files to boot, and down with ice-cream Stalinism! And kudos to the great tinkerer and Sodom, and a Happy New Year to you all.

--thee ineffable me (~kristy)