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I bow lowly and commend you on the wisdom of your advice. best wishes
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>>As to bricking Nazi headquarters in Manchester, you come down here >and
>>watch them go 'paki' bashing (i.e. finding an Asian and beating him
>>into hospital).You tell me you would stand by and watch this.
>video tape it, call the cops? violent intervention on your part would
>be risky and illegal.
>>watch them flypost racist posters on the wall in front of your house.
>is the wall private property? have them arrested. if its public
>property take down the poster.
>>I would not single out an individual of this party, but I sure will
>>stand against the organisation that also incidently kill almost all >my
>>relatives over 60, and could potentally do it again (not kill all my
>>relatives over 60 - they are already dead).
>all my elder relatives (living or recently deceased) of my family are
>holocaust survivors (in fact, were putting together a compendium of
>stories and recipes and publishing it... hehe). many of my great aunts
>and uncles were murderred in the holocaust too. however, i doubt that
>the neo-nazi movement in american will ever rise to the level of nazi
>> Maybe it is wrong to brick the building but short of attacking them,
>>what else can I do?
>let them be. bricking their building is just aggression.
>~the great tinkerer
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