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Sat, 2 Jan 1999 14:38:34 EST

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<< That is, of course, the point. It all requires faith, and to the faithful, his faith always seems justified while others' seem ridiculous.

I don't have faith in my memories. Because they are representations they must always remain in principal subjectable to rational criticism. That is why it is reasonable for me to rely on them at all whether in fact erroneous or not. Blind Faith is by its nature, not subjectable to rational criticism, or at least not by the person holding the article of faith. The faithful would say that I have no faith if I stand ready to discard any representation that does not survive rational criticism. Blind Faith is considered all the stronger and more virtuous by faith thinkers if it is held in spite of evidence and reason to the contrary. If I give up on the "God" thingy when I see no evidence of its benevolence, this is not faith. I don't know any Christians who would think otherwise.

-Jake P.