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Tywick, are you gay?

There are many stereotypes associated with gay people. For instance gay men are often reffered to as being extremely attractive to both the male and female sex. It is also common for a man that is clean (both personal hygeine and living quarters) to be known as gay. A man that often dresses in fashionable attire (on his own will) is frequently assiociated with homosexuality. With that said I find it quite flattering every time I'm asked if I'm gay. To all those men out there that are seeking a guy like me, you're going to have to search further. My heart and body is for a special woman's touch.

Tywick, where are you from?

Some people who know me often say I'm not from this planet, however, I can't really say that I'm from one place. I was born in northwestern Wisconsin (Spooner), however, from the age of two until 15 I lived on the coast of Maine (Brunswick, Harpswell, Topsham). In the year of 1994 at the age of 15 my mom and I then moved to where she grew up -- and where my relatives reside -- in north eastern Wisconsin (Sturgeon Bay). In 1999 I moved to the lovely city of Madison, WI where I still live.

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